Sheryl M. Genco

Sheryl M. Genco is ZAP's Chief Technical Officer. Sheryl directly supports ZAP's research efforts and leading technology programs. She has worked in systems design and analysis for laser communication programs and massively parallel supercomputers.

Dr. Sheryl M Genco is the majority owner of Zybek Advanced Products, Inc., and holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Dr. Genco is a scientist and engineer with the discipline to manage complex programs and is the technical lead for ZAPís internal research programs. While working with ZAP, Dr. Genco developed paradigm shifting products from ZAPís research endeavors, worked to build ZAPís lunar simulant capability as the leader in lunar simulant production and managed ZAPís crossover technology readiness programs. ZAP is now at the forefront of NASAís simulant production programs and is recognized by research institutions, universities, and corporations. The partnership and teaming arrangements are a critical aspect of system prototype demonstrations of ZAPís programs. The customer list includes, but is not limited to, NASA, United States Geological Survey (USGS), Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp., Orbitec Corp., NORCAT, National Lunar Science Institute (NLSI). Before launching ZAP, Dr. Genco was the technical manager and engineer of the Laser Communications R&D Lab at Ball Aerospace and Technology. She was the lead engineer and laboratory director for multimillion dollar internal research and development projects in support of satellite constellation projects. Prior to her work with laser systems IRAD, Dr. Genco was employed by IBM. She was a successful engineer and technical leader at IBM responsible for engineering teams and all aspects of product development from preliminary task force studies to project completion. While at IBM, Dr. Genco worked in massively parallel supercomputing research and design. Her teams consistently performed on schedule and within specification. She received several awards for her work at IBM. Dr. Genco has over twenty-six years of experience in communications, systems engineering, electrical engineering, power systems, and microwave-optics. Her Ph.D. is in microwave-optics systems for laser communications (Electrical Engineering). She holds several patents. Dr. Genco holds the following degrees in Electrical Engineering (EE): Ph.D. (University of Colorado at Boulder) concentration on microwave and optics, M.S.(Syracuse University) concentration on device physics and high speed circuits, B.S.(Northeastern University) concentration on power systems.

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