Michael A. Weinstein

Michael Weinstein is ZAP's Chief Engineer and inventor of ZAP's plasma reactor system. Mike has industrial engineering roots and has launched ZAP's applications in synthetic nanomaterials and lunar simulant production for NASA. mike@zybekap.com

Mr. Weinstein has adapted the plasma process for manufacturing the lunar simulant components for NASA, USGS and NORCAT. A patent has been filed on the work that Mr. Weinstein has completed on the agglutinate process. While with ZAP, he completed a significant NASA project which manufactured synthetic minerals from their oxide constituents with excellent matching results. This project enabled ZAPís manufacture of ruby and sapphire as well as custom nanomaterials and ceramics. In addition to the NASA related work, Mr. Weinstein has built multiple successful businesses over his distinguished career. All businesses have applied new technology to industrial manufacturing. One business built robotic systems for high volume manufacturing and was sold in 2006. Previous to being a business owner, Mr. Weinstein worked for Johns Manville, a high-volume fiberglass manufacture with plants around the U.S. / Canada. At Johns Manville, Mr. Weinstein developed equipment for melting high-quality glass and managed several large projects at plant locations around the country. Mr. Weinstein has managed $13Million dollar projects for high-volume manufacturing plant installations for Manville as well. His background in engineering and building large scale industrial systems and in the area of glass and crystal processes is invaluable to ZAP. Michael Weinstein, P.E., is co-owner of Zybek Advanced Products, Inc., is a mechanical engineer (BSME), is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and holds an MBA degree from the prestigious Denver University His entrepreneurial spirit and excellent engineering skills launched his co ownership of Plasmelt Glass Technologies, LLC. Under Plasmelt, he was the Principal Investigator for $1.5Million dollar DOE cost share grant. This program leveraged the work his team patented as a research engineer at Johns Manville, Inc. The Manville research was part of small team developing a plasma melter for the glass industry. He is named on patent for the plasma melter. Mr. Weinstein has over twenty-five years experience building complicated manufacturing systems, launching successful business ventures, and leading successful mechanical engineering projects

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