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Lunar Simulants and Custom Synthetics

Lunar simulants are a critical aspect of the return to the moon and the planned lunar outpost. All mechanical equipment, chemical processes and human health studies will be tested extensively with simulants prior to deployment. Many believe returning to the moon is a critical step for deep space exploration. Technology developed and used on the moon will be applicable to other planetary exploration. ZAPís plasma process provides an extremely high temperature source that melts mineral material. The plasma can concentrate 1 Megawatt of energy in the size of basketball. The extreme high temperatures allow elements to be reacted in much the same way as minerals were formed on Earth as is commonly believed in scientific communities. NU-LHT (NASA - USGS Ė Lunar Highlands Type simulant) is a significant fidelity over previous simulants. NU-LHT is a simulant designed to represent the lunar highlands area that contains a complex mixture of

  • Glass
  • Agglutinate
  • Jagged particulates
  • Synthetic Minerals
  • Natural Minerals from select terrestrial sources.