Industry Applications

Applications of ZAP's technology include:

Combined Coal and Biomass Processing applications of ZAPís technology increase existing coal power plant efficiency, enable pre combustion separation of pollutants in a cost effective and energy efficient technology and facilitate efficient cost-effective subsystem for coal gasification with biomass. ZAP manufactures the lunar simulant components for LHT, OB1 and other proprietary lunar products. ZAP processes in excess of 70% of NASA's approved lunar simulants.ZAP has manufactured MoO3 for lithium ion battery electrodes development for a joint project between NREL, CU and ZAP. Using ZAP's plasma system, raw feedstock and recycled bottles were melted into glass cubes for Owens International.  This system can ultimately lead to greener manufacturing methods for the container glass industry. ZAP has produced synthetic and custom botique materials and nanomaterials in significant quantities with excellent energy efficiency.

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