Facilities and Equipment

ZAP owns complete manufacturing and product development equipment. ZAP's raw industrial capability enables our quality engineering and rapid-turn fabrication and solutions to scientific challenge.

  • RCTA Plasma Division
    1.4 Megawatt power supply, 100 ton chiller, dual-torch system, gas delivery systems and water supplies, exhaust systems, batch feeders, material handling capability, plasma reactors and full continuous-duty plasma operation support infrastructure. $9,000,000 of research and production equipment to support this Division.
  • Facility Infrastructure
    ZAP's facility includes significant investment in industrial systems: full central air abatement system, power supplies (ESP 10,000 VDC, 30,000 VDC), and transient protection and monitoring.
  • Fabrication and Build Department
    Build capability supported via ZAPís engineering infrastructure and state of the art machine shop. CNC milling, lathes, welding. Software licenses (Solidworks CAD, Gibbs 3D CAM Rockwell (Allen Bradley) RSlogix 5000).
  • Electronics Development and Production Department
    Fully supplied electronics laboratory and development equipment, mechanical assembly equipment and tools
  • Particle Analysis Unit
    Microscope and petrography lab