The next decade, new base-load and mid-range generating capacity will be needed to replace older plants and to support U.S. economic growth. It is necessary to have at least two low cost energy resource choices for competitive new base-load power plants. Coal and biomass processing applications of ZAP's Aerodynamic Impact Reactor (AIR) are focused to increase existing coal power plant efficiency, enable pre combustion separation of pollutants in a cost effective and energy efficient technology and facilitate efficient cost-effective subsystem for coal gasification with biomass.

Increased Coal Fineness with Increased Efficiency
Leading coal research indicates that coal particles less than 1mm increase combustion efficiencies, but have been unable to be produced within system efficiency goals until now.  The Aerodynamic Impact Reactor produces desired coal particle sizes within 0.5seconds without system efficiency penalty.

Coal and Combined Coal/Biomass Gasification
Coal gasification technology provides a path for the production of electricity, hydrogen and other clean fuels. The Aerodynamic Impact Reactor (AIR) can simultaneously process coal and biomass in one unit which leads for increased gasifier system efficiency.

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